Igal Haimov

Ygal Haimov

In a true” American Dream” success story, Uzbekistan native Igal Haimov began his career at the young age of fourteen when he immigrated from Israel to New York City with the dream of becoming a successful jewelry designer. In 1989, Igal realized that in order to attain his goal, he had to work extremely hard - and that he did. He began collecting aluminum cans for recycling, making 5 cents a can. His persistence and dedication drew the attention of a jeweler in Manhattan’s 47th Street diamond district, who gave Igal a chance and hired him. It was there that he received his core training, working each day and sketching each night, fueling his passion and creativity.

In 1990, Haimov packed his bags and moved to Miami where he opened his own wholesale jewelry store, selling gold and loose diamonds in Miami’s downtown jewelry district. For nine years, Igal continued to sketch his own jewelry designs, focusing on high-end time pieces.

After building a reputation and a strong local VIP clientele, Haimov opened his second wholesale store in 1999, where all the designs were his originals. It was during this time that Igal began building a celebrity reputation. As his success continued to grow, he began developing a business plan for the launch of Haimov Watches, a luxury brand he envisioned that would stand apart from other high-end timepieces.